Sunday, April 21, 2013

Slayer Soundtrack Sunday ~ The I in Team

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In the episode "The 'I' in Team" Buffy enters the mysterious underworld of the military Initiative. At first Buffy is thrilled to be part of a secret team, proud to show off her skills while kicking around monsters and proving herself to her college professor, Doctor Walsh. And of course, the togetherness with boyfriend Riley is an added plus.

Meanwhile, Xander and Anya are still heating up, while Willow feels lonely and left out, leading her to spend time with Tara. So the title of the episode not only applies to the militaristic Initiative, but also the Scooby Gang, as they each seek personal happiness apart from each other. There's even a scene of Giles trying to inspire Spike to work with them due to a "higher purpose," but the now-neutered vampire just wants to take the money and run.

Of course like Han Solo in Star Wars, Spike is actually deeper than that, and due to his love for Buffy does return again and again to help the Slayer and her friends. In a parallel, Buffy discovers that while she is happy and intimate with Riley, her old friends are far more trustworthy than her new friends. For instance, Buffy figures out that Professor Walsh is up to no good, even while acting all motherly towards Riley.

Lavish ~ "Trashed"
Plays at the Bronze before Buffy arrives.

Black Lab ~ "I Keep Myself Awake"
Plays at the Bronze when Buffy arrives with Riley and the Commandos. This song is included on Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Album (1999 Television Series)

 photo Finally-the-guy-stays.png

Delirium ~ "Window to Your Soul"
This song plays during the fight between the Commandos and the Demon, interposed with the sex scene between Buffy and Riley. Making things creepy is that they are being watched on a remote camera by Professor Walsh, otherwise known as "Mother."

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